The Ugly Truth About Your Work From Home Business and What You Can Do About It

Anyone examining the opportunity to get into a work from home business probably has quite a few questions to ask. Among these are trying to figure out which ones are scams and which ones are legitimate opportunities. Also high on the question list is how much money is needed to get started. Other questions include which one to choose, when should it be started and information pertaining to what is needed to be done to become successful.

Desire is a Key Guideline
One of the first areas you must examine before you start a work from home businesses is checking out the reasons why you want to get involved in the first place. You need to realize that there’s going to be a price you have to pay to be successful. And, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to invest a lot of money. It is quite true that nothing is free, so it is important to avoid any come ons claiming that you can get into a profitable business without investing anything. Secondly, don’t believe the hype that a particular work from home business is going to be so easy to operate you could do it in your sleep. Remember to wear cargo the old cliche about something being easy everybody would do it. Well, if operating home business was so simple and easy you wouldn’t be reading this article.

But, What About Affiliate Marketing?
While it is quite true that affiliate marketing is a free method for obtaining a work from home business, you’re going to need a bit of self-education finding out how to market in an effective manner to be highly successful. There are few people who ever accomplish this level of success. So, if you intend to get into a work from home business without investing any money up front, you will have to invest a lot of time and effort learning how to run this business. Anyway, most of the people who have become fairly successful on their own learning how to market a work from home business are now the ones packaging training programs targeting people like you. Today, the most legitimate home businesses where a person can become successful also have some kind of component of training with the most typically popular ones including a mentor to show you the ropes.

Success in a Team Approach
This is especially true when looking at an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) business where the compensation plan includes the mentoring process. This individual, who already hopefully has enough knowledge and experience to guide you, will be compensated by the success of your efforts. Therefore you won’t have to pay them. Since this mentor will benefit from your success, hopefully they will be in the right position to ensure it. However, this does mean you have to deal with people and you can never tell when you’re going to find a true and honest individual or someone who’s just out to scam you and take your dollars. These types of experiences are where the ugly comes in when it relates to work from home businesses.

Keep in mind, an investment of anywhere from $500-$3000 is pretty realistic for any legitimate home business.

10 Reasons To Buy and Start A Gas Station Business and Convenience Store

Starting a gas station business and convenience store can be one of the best decisions you can ever make as an entrepreneur. You can either set up new or buy existing ones for sale. If you decide to buy one then you must have some knowledge about how to buy this particular business and if you are planning to set up new ones on your own then you are going to need to do some serious research as to how you can go from start to launch. Considering that you would research on how to buy and check out numerous ones for sale before starting up, here are 10 reasons why you can seriously think about venturing into the this kind of investment.

Tangible Investment

One of the basic and most important tricks of financial planning is having a solid investment strategy. People invest in stocks, debentures and several financial products that are exposed to market risks and none of them are tangible investment. Cheap gas station business and convenience stores are a tangible investment. You get to know every brick and fixture you are putting your money into. Your investment cannot vaporize.

Significant Returns

People who own gas stations are seldom struggling with their finances. That should offer you a glimpse of how much money one can make in the business of gas stations/convenience stores.

Long Term Business

Cheap gas stations do not open up and shut down like many other industries. Gas station business mostly become a familial legacy and generations reap the benefits.

Virtually Recession Proof

People will drive, commercial and transport vehicles will drop in and whatever be the economic scenario of the world or the country, gas stations would not run out of business.

Associated Business Opportunities

Gas stations will have stores, marts and can also have diners adjacent to them. There are numerous business opportunities for owners of gas stations/convenience stores right at the place of their principal business.

Can Act As Collateral For Numerous Purposes

Since cheap gas stations are a tangible investment and a lucrative brick and mortar business, most banks and financial institutions are likely to accept it as collateral for loans, business or personal.

Additional Revenues

Entrepreneurs can set up kiosks, billboards and there are numerous other ways to generate additional revenues through advertising and promotions.

Does Not Require Exquisite Qualifications

Running gas stations/convenience stores does not require a major in business administration or sales & marketing. Once trained on the nitty-gritty, the journey can be convenient.

It Is An Asset

Gas stations would always enjoy the value appreciation of the land it is on and developments that happen around it. It is an asset that would never suffer depreciation, unless the global economy collapses completely like never before.

A No Loss Venture

Even if an entrepreneur decides to stop running his business, putting up a cheap gas station/convenience store for sale can recover all investments and some more.

Similarities Between Playing Craps And Investing

Do you know the difference between playing craps and investing in the stock market? In my opinion, absolutely nothing! There is very little difference between playing craps and investing in the stock market. Some stocks have a high risk factor with a possibility and expectation of a greater return, while other stocks have a lower risk factor, but also with an expectation of a lower return. Similarly, some craps bets have a higher risk factor with a greater win pay-off while other craps bets have a lower risk factor with a lower rate for the win pay-off.

There are many similarities between various types of stock investments and playing craps. For example, investing in stock options is extremely risky compared to investing in conservative, dividend paying securities, like Disney, Coca Cola or MacDonald’s. Stock options will allow you to make huge profits, but with a lot of risk. Investing in the conservative companies will have a lower risk, but will give you much lower profits. Of course, you can still lose money investing in conservative companies.

In craps, you can bet on a 2 or 12 which will give you the highest profit (pays 30 to 1), but it also has the greatest risk of losing (less than 3% probability of winning). Or, you can bet on the 6 and 8 which have lower win payouts, but also a lower risk of losing. As in investing in stocks, a craps player will have a chance to lose even on low risk bets.

Webster’s New World Dictionary, Compact School and Office Edition, defines “Invest” as “to put (money) into business, bonds, etc., in order to get a profit.” Webster’s Dictionary defines “Gamble” as “1. to play games of chance for money, etc. 2. To take a risk for an advantageous position.” By comparing the definitions of “Invest” to “Gamble,” one can ascertain that if you invest, you are putting money into stocks (business) or bonds or bank certificates of deposit in order to make a profit. If you “Gamble” (play craps), you are putting money (a wager) on a portion of the Craps table layout in order to win money. Depending upon how you invest and how you bet playing craps determines if you will have a greater chance of making money or a greater chance of losing your money.

If you listen to radio financial talk show hosts and their guests and you watch financed-based TV programs (CNBC), as well as read investment magazines and publications, you will notice similar philosophies for investing as we suggest in playing craps. Some of the comparisons are as follows:

1. “Investing always involves risk.” – - Don McDonald, nationally syndicated talk show host, 1/24/01. Bob Brinker of Money Talk has also said something to the same affect.
Translation: Playing craps always involves risk.

2. An advertisement by American Century in Smart Money Magazine, January, 2001, page 58, states in part as follows:
“It’s knowing teamwork and a disciplined approach can deliver solid, long-term results.” See also, Money Magazine, December, 2000, page 30.
Translation: Playing craps with a disciplined approach can deliver solid, long term results.

3. TD Ameritrade in their disclosure to investors about options (2008) state in part:
We know that options can be an important part of your investing strategy. . .
Options are not suitable for all investors as the special risks inherent to options trading may expose investors to potentially rapid and substantial losses.

Translation: Playing craps is not suitable for everyone. Playing craps may expose individuals to potentially rapid and substantial losses.

If you apply investment techniques and sound business principles to playing craps, you should be able to minimize your losses while maximizing your profits (wins). Just remember – - as there is no foolproof strategy to investing, there is no foolproof strategy to playing craps.